2007 - News from Chez Léon - October

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A word or two from Rudy Vanlancker

Dear Clients & Friends,

For over 30 years I’ve had the pleasure of directing Chez Léon and we’re now more BELGIAN than ever. We offer our many clients a real Belgo-Brussels cuisine – from sole ‘Ostendaise’ with a shrimp sauce to sausage & mash Belgian-style (with Belgian country sausages and potatoes mashed with vegetables).
Not forgetting Salad mouleLiégoise (with green beans, potato & bacon); Belgian endives cooked with ham; steak tartare; the famous combination of mussels & ‘frites’ and Brussels waffles.

In fact you find real country cooking on our menu of over 120 different dishes.
I look forward to seeing you again soon & wish you a very ‘bon appétit’.

Léon's October

octoberIndeed Chez Léon is a temple of informal Brussels eating – a real Belgian ‘brasserie-friture’. It’s a place where Belgians bring their guests from abroad and yet where two thirds of the customers are still locals.

And as one of those most famous Belgians, whose signed picture hangs in the restaurant, used to sing:

Puis on ira manger des moules et puis les frites, des frites et octpuis les moules et du vin de Moselle. Viens Jef…viens”

(Then we’ll go and have mussels & then ‘frites’, and ‘frites’ & then mussels, washed down with wine from the Moselle. Let’s go Jef…let’s go).

Yes, Jacques Brel was a celebrity client. And there are many others who rub shoulders every day with people from every corner of Belgium & the globe. And October is very definitely a month for some cosy indoor eating.

And for November there’s definitely something new & exciting in the air……

Alexandre's choice

Alexandre has chosen some tasty comfort food to help us through these cooler shorter days of autumn. And don’t forget the clocks go back on the 28th October, so you get an hour extra in bed or at Chez Léon!

Cassolette de scampis au curry et pommes caramélisées
(Curried scampi stew with caramelised potatoes)
Flamiche aux poireaux
(A cheese & leek quiche from Dinant)
Tomate Monégasque (1 pièce)
(A tomato filled with tuna & rice salad)

Spaghetti aux petits légumes
(Spaghetti with spring vegetables)

Tomate Monégasque, Frites (2 pièces)
(Tomatoes filled with tuna & rice salad, accompanied by Belgian ‘frites’)
Le suprême de dindonneau à la dijonnaise
(Sliced breast of turkey in a Dijon mustard sauce)
Truite en papillote
(Baked trout in papillote)
Filets de sole dugléré
(Fillets of sole baked in white wine, tomatoes, onions, parsley & shallots)
Tarte Tatin
(Apple tart caramelised in butter & sugar)
Crèpes William
(Pancakes ‘William’)
Gaufre aux fruits
(Waffles with a fruit sauce filling)
And don’t forget our free menu for children under 12, accompanied by their parents. Take a look.

What's on near Chez Léon?

October sees the start of EUROPALIA.EUROPA
From 3 October 2007 to 3 February 2008, Brussels will play host to 27 guest countries! In one spectacular cultural festival, Europalia.europa will present the culture of Europe and its 27 Member States.

Visitors will be able to appreciate top artworks from every corner of Europe; discover our European cultural links and also learn what makes each of the 27 countries in the Union unique.

: 250 events, more than 1000 artwork & artists over 4 months in the heart of Europe:

@ BOZAR, 5 October 2007 – 20 January 2008
From the 5th to the 18th centuries, the development of trade routes across Europe transformed the continent into a gigantic artists’ workshop in which painters, sculptors, goldsmiths, princes & patrons travelled and spread their influence.

This exhibition is the main event of Europalia.europa and will show some 250 great artworks from over one hundred European museums, illustrating the emergence of these new artistic dialogues and how they influenced the whole of Europe.

museumThursdays evenings until 20 December 2007
For the 6th year some 50 Brussels museums of all types for all tastes are opening late, 17.00-22.00, on 13 successive Thursday evenings. There’s a very sociable atmosphere with guided tours, drinks and even small concerts. To see which museums are open on which evenings, just click…

And don’t forget to drop over to Chez Léon for a pre- or post-Museum bite to eat. The parking is always easy - there are over 5.000 parking spaces nearby. (see the attached map).

Just forward this eNewletter to family & friends, and arrange to meet up with them too, around one of these many events.
Reserve your table on 02 511 14 15

The smiling faces of Chez Léon

It’s not often you come across an accountant with a smileys, but Carmen González is from Spain. She was born in a mining village in Asturias and came to Belgium when she was just 10. She was educated in Brussels where she qualified in accountancy.

Belgian or Spanish?

I feel both, and of course the history of the two countries is closely linked.”

How long at Chez Léon?

18 years! I’ve always been in the hospitality industry. I started at the Royal Windsor and then worked in the Mayfair (now Warwick Barsey) on the Ave Louise.
But Léon is a passion. It’s part of my family. As I’m also one of the directors responsible for the daily management of the restaurant, Chez Léon takes up a lot of my time.”

I have 2 boys: Daniel (12) and Michael (21) so family life takes up the rest of my day. I’m also a football fan as Daniel plays for Berchem St. Agathe.”

Chez Léon since the renovations?

It was a huge building site for quite a time, but since we re-opened the restaurant has had a real boom!”

Your favourite Chez Léon dish?
The mussels this year are exceptional, and that’s really true. And then there’s steak with shallots &Lambic beer, a dish which is typical Léon. In fact I like everything Belgian.”

Léon in general?
Our clients are from every imaginable walk of life & Léon is part of Belgian folklore.”


What's others say?

Born within the sound of the bells of St. Guidon where he still spends most of his time, Sébastien Golfa Sambay is an ambitious young entrepreneur who wants to share his love of mussels & Belgian frites, and above all of Brussels, his adopted home.

..I remember that between ‘moambe’ chicken & Chez Leon’s mussels & frites, the decision was an easy one!!”

Sébastien’s mother, an air hostess who was originally from the Congo took him all over the world before deciding to settle in Belgium.

I hesitated a long time between America & Belgium, unlike my brothers & sisters who stayed in the US & the UK. But my roots in Brussels were too deep: football, friends the lifestyle, the food…

It was undoubtedly this attraction of the two continents & the distances between members of his family which led Sébastien to set up his company XBO 6 years ago. XBO specialises in providing IT & telecommunications solutions for expatriates and business visitors to Belgium, from mobiles, TV & Internet to mobile Internet…..

I could have never imagined that love of a country could lead to such a project. Perhaps a Chez Léon in New York might convince me to leave Brussels.
Thanks, Rudy, I’m already drinking your health with a Léon beer.”

Play the XBO game & win a free XBO menu at Chez Léon, worth 30€ with every paying 30€ menu:

Find out more about the different telecommunication solutions offered by XBO:
Chez Léon - The simple facts

Don’t forget the free children’s menu for children under 12 accompanied by their parents. Take a look.

Just forward this eNewletter to family & friends, and arrange to meet them too.

Reserve your table on 02 511 14 15


Chez Leon is open 365 days a year non-stop

Sunday to Thursday, 11h30-23h00
Friday & Saturday, 11h30-23h30
Individual bookings by telephone only: 32 2 511 14 15

Chez Leon has special menus for groups of 20 to 350 guests.
Contact: Mrs France Vander Schueren by phone (as above), fax: 32 2 514 02 31
or email:

Chez Leon is right next to the Grand’ Place in the historiccentre of Brussels. It’s easily accessible by bus, tram & Metro.
There are
5.000 spaces spaces within walking distance.

And if you are feeling ‘green’, you can even come on a rented bicycle. The nearest Cyclocity pick up & drop-off point is either Place d’Espagne or Place de la Monnaie.

Chargement en cours

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